I'm sticking with Apple.

There has been a lot of complaining going on lately in regards to the Apple company and their products.

"My iPhone has this and that Samsung has that. Why can't I have thaaattttt????"

"iOS6 is so lame and I'm getting a headache."

"The Statue of Liberty has gone missing on the new Maps app. Ugh, I can't take this anymore."

"iTunes is just so ugly and un-usuable. Why does life need to be so hard?"

"The new iPod nano is really gross."

"Apple decided to ditch Google and go with their own Maps app and it sucks!"

Let me remind you that Apple has changed our world and will continue to do so. Just because a company makes a few mistakes does not mean it's failing or it's a bad company. Instead of complaining about iTunes being so ugly and un-usuable, or why the new iPhone isn't made of glass, you should be sticking with Apple through the good and the bad times. Yes, Steve Jobs has left this earth. Apple is going through a lot of changes, but it will get better!

Screw Samsung. I'm sticking with Apple and I will always do so.