It's official: Android has come full circle.

I spent the better part of the day refreshing this website and others checking in on the latest Nexus rumors and I realized something.

Android has come full circle.

Android is now what Apple once was. Exciting!

I know the rumor mill can be funny at times and us geeks can be even funnier, but I can't help being excited

about the fact that I am truly excited about an Android device.

I find my self hitting refresh dozens of times an hour hoping that some new information has leaked so I can get

a glimpse of what kind of awesomeness Google has in store for us.

I am reminded how I felt in the weeks and months before the release of the first Iphone, and the Ipad.

I couldn't sleep...

What would it look like?

How would you input text?!

How would you hold the thing?

I read rumor sites for months and when I did sleep I dreamt my dreams were in digital of what could be.

Seeing this same kind of hype around Android gives me a warm feeling inside that Android has come full circle and has given me reason to be excited about tech again!

The iphone is a brilliant device, It's beautiful, it's well polished and It's boring.

Google has managed to turn the tables and make Android an exciting and enticing product.

Well done Google.

Well done!