WP8 gesture

I have seen the flow concept in the new blackberry, i think it have a great potential,

I think that ios is gonna have dificulties to evoluate, because if icons were evident at the beggining, they are obsolete now (nothing very live, and it's like a interruptor to lauch an app and then close the app).

Now WP8 tile system is a relecture of the icon, more flexibal, more live, but still an interruptor that you launch to open an app. Not very fluid if you want to check your emails fast. But, Microsoft have also the swipe very integrated in is system which affect also the design of the phone, with the curved boarder of the screen.

I was wondering if I hold a tile (for the email for exemple) and swipe to the left, im directly inside the app without loading time, could be nice , no?

could be also swipe to the right if the app list was at the left.

what do you think?