Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 discussion


Well, as I'm sure many of you are already aware, the first numbered sequels in the Pokemon main series are out now which means that this topic will be useful for discussion purposes. Now, I'll probably be on serebiiforums as well talking about my progress during my "breaks", but I'll also make it a habit to post about it here too. I suggest you guys do the same as well.

For starters (heh, funny how that works out), we could talk about which starters we'll be choosing, as well as a bunch of other minor things to at least establish some minor discussion until we actually get the games. After which, just post how far you've got, or what your team is, or just some progress notes. Hell, I suggest we also help one another with some issues we're having (such as being stuck at one place, or not sure how to proceed through to complete this one challenge, etc...).

So, yeah...

...and this was also an excuse to use this header I made for PC...:P.