Is Google Wave dead?

I realise when this question is scrutinised with the narrowest interpretation that Google ended development of Wave in August 2010. In April of this year we waved goodbye to the service forever. Aaron Levie stated "I thought Google Wave was the future of the Internet, but I was wrong" during his 5 Minutes on The Verge just a few weeks ago. This got me thinking, and I'd love to hear some opinion, is Wave really dead?

Email is ancient, it predates the Web by decades. The strength of Email is through ubiquity, its weakness lies in the constrained standards that enabled this ubiquity. When Google announced Wave I was excited, not least because it was named after the messaging system from the posthumously popular (and frankly brilliant) television series Firefly. I was most excited about Wave because I felt it would finally bring Email into the 21st century.

Wave was not to be, but some features live on in Google products - real-time editing in Google Documents for example. Google+ is where I believe the spirit of Wave lives now. I don't send many social Emails because of social networks, I'm much more likely to send a Facebook message or post on Twitter or Google+. With the rich interactions that social networks allow, perhaps they are our Google Wave, our replacement Email?

Last year I speculated we may see an open standard for social networking in the not-too-distant future. If this happens, the spirit of Wave will truly live on.