What tablet is the better buy: Kindle Fire 8.9" or Nook HD+ 9"?

There are two real contenders for the 8.9" Tablet Market today:

The B&N Nook HD+ 9" vs. Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9"


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I do not care about Amazon's or B&N's content ecosystem for media. I don't appreciate DRM content that is only available within their respective ecosystems; therefore I buy any music, books, or videos from a 3rd party and side-load the content onto the device to avoid being locked in.

That said, it seems the real elephant in the room is app selection. I'd argue that Amazon's app store is more vast than B&N's, but perhaps B&N's app store is "good enough" for what a tablet is used for? The OS of the device is also an important element. This of course ignores the possibility of rooting each tablet.

One other aspect to consider is the design and technology used. I believe that Amazon's tablet certainly looks cleaner, but may appear to be "cheap" in appearance once we get a better look at the device. B&N definitely has the upper hand on specs and cost.

The main differences:

B&N Nook HD+ 9"

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9"

Ad-Free Experience



Wall Charger Included


Sold separately at $20

Price for 16GB Model



Screen Quality

1920 x 1280

Full HD @ 1080p

256 pixels per inch

1920 x 1200

Full HD @ 1080p

254 pixels per inch


18.2 oz

20.0 oz

Expandable Memory



Battery Life

10 hrs. of reading
9 hrs. of video

11 hrs. of continuous use

With everything taken into consideration, which one is the better tablet and why?