Who is using the Worst Phone?

I still have my Xperia X10. Famous for being a Single Touch Android phone that ran version 1.6 for a solid year. Scratched and dented and running Gingerbread and groaning with slowness.
I keep buying newer phones, but they get claimed by my wife and kids. Eventually I will get to keep one.

So, who can put up an older, crappier phone as the one they use Every Day. Not some novelty phone they have in their drawer that they take out for occasional Retro-Coolness. Not that emergency phone you are using because your iPhone screen is smashed yet again. You main squeeze. Your Honey Boo Boo.

Low budget Android, Nokia, Palm fanboy tragics (face it, if you have ANY iPhone or WinPhone, you're not in the running) so me your crap.