Big new rumor: Two Motorola Nexus devices? A tablet and a phone?

According to Droid-Life, they've had two distinct Android build versions visit their site: JOO92B and JOP04C. Both are Jellybean (because they start with J) and both are unreleased.

The devices are titled "occam" and "manta". Occam could refer to Occam's Razor and could be the codename for a Moto Nexus Razr. The other was titled "manta" short for Manta Ray, which is like their other tablet code names Stingray (Xoom LTE) and Wingray (Xoom WiFi). Both devices were running Android 4.2.

It is worth noting that this rumor is based on server logs meaning all that happened was the device visited their site. It is possible that these device IDs were faked. Or that these devices will never see the light of day.

BUT there is also the other side of the coin and that is both tablets and phones may be launching as part of the new nexus program as well as Motorola being a chief partner in the new Nexus program.

Let the speculation ensue!