Windows Phone - Gaming Platform?

Maybe I should research this myself, but I was thinking to myself today, why hasn't Microsoft advertised Windows Phone as a gaming platform? Something like Apple did with some of their iPod touch ads. Some advantages I think Microsoft has is that is has a history with game developers and support through DirectX, and they have the Xbox brand. I know there's some little bits of Xbox Live support on their phones, but they haven't really pushed it. Sure, there's the whole issue of weak developer support but that didn't stop the Xbox. They bought developers and grew support slowly. They could invest in some studios and start programs to attract more developers. Games are big money in the smartphone market, are they not?

Now, I know their focus right now is people that check e-mails, surf the web, make phone calls, and other basic smartphone tasks. But, to at least grow some developer support, garner some attention, and hopefully lead to more customers, is this such a horrible idea? Microsoft offers all sorts of incentives and competitions to students for small pointless app projects. They could retool those ideas for game development.