Xbox Music needs to be more than just music.

The Background

So I've been a Zune pass subscriber for some time now, and I love it, I get to download pretty much whatever album I want without having to go through the purchasing of the product or thinking over if the $16 is worth spending etc. However, there are problems.

The Problems

I want to use the Zune/Xbox Music software exclusively, I don't want to have to go into different applications in order to get what I want on my device.

Here's what it's lacking at the moment:

    - I think I vaguely remember it being part of Zune way back when I first got it and kind of did a hack around to get the US version working... so I know, or at least I think it does, exist in the US (though please correct me if I'm wrong)... so why can't they at least open it up here? It boggles my mind to think that it's literally taken them years and they haven't bothered to add anything new. It's just stagnated for ages.
  2. TV SHOWS!
    - Technically this isn't part of the Xbox Music platform but the international version doesn't sell TV Shows... and it hasn't for ages. Why oh why do we still not have TV Shows? Is it really that hard for Microsoft who has managed to hook up with Netflix and other service providers for Xbox to at least provide some shows for us to buy.
  3. DOLLARS! (Update: Solved!)
    - I think I heard this is changing! (Heck yes!) It seriously cannot come soon enough, MS points has got to be the most annoying thing to deal with when buying anything from Microsoft's digital media platform. It just sucks at the moment.
    - Update: They've done it! (Finally, though they did announce this ages ago)

The Solutions

Firstly, let me just point out that I'm not ignorant of the fact that Xbox Music is coming out soon and will have new features (I hope). It's desperately needed, they are so far behind the competition it's literally not funny any more, it's really REALLY sad. Microsoft needs to stop the US bubble, there is no need for them to put restrictions on most of their products to other English speaking nations or those which predominantly speak the language, especially when it comes to podcasts (I can kind of understand TV shows and movies).

All they need to do is to include the damn function for podcasts! Organisations can take care of uploading them and people can subscribe etc. I love listening to some podcasts (Counterpoint by the ABC Radio National is awesome). The other thing they need to do is fill the grand canyon sized gaps in their multimedia profile.

Am I crazy? Is it really that damn hard for a multi-billion dollar company to get off it's fat ass and just do it?

I love you Microsoft but sometimes you're like a kid with ADD, you find something really fun, play with it for a bit and then you go and play with another toy and leave the other one HALF BAKED! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!