A multitasking feature that I miss in windows phone.

Please forgive me for the bad English.

Recently I had a opportunity to use my friend's android phone (Galaxy Nexus) for a week. I use Google Reader on a regular basis. I had downloaded a app (HD Reader) from Google Play store. The best part of the app was it used to download all the articles and images as they arrive and when i open the app I get the latest articles.

In my samsung focus I have a app (Nextgen reader) to sync Google Reader articles. which shows the only the count of unread articles on the live tile. but it does not sync articles as they arrive.

This can be experienced in many apps like GeekByte, Carbon, FaceBook app.

I hope wp implement a way to enable this kind of scenario to keep the data of the app latest, even when the app is not running in the foreground. I think there are several apps that can benefit from the feature.