Wireless speaker recommendations?

Hi all I'm looking for a wireless speaker for under £350. That's my absolute budget. I've been looking at the Big Jambox and Bose Soundlink but neither of them are making me want to rush out and buy one of them. What I'm looking for: - Something smallish, to sit next to a TV unit - Something I can charge and play around the house without it being connected to a socket - Something I can connect my iPod Classic (via aux) to - Bluetooth would be nice, but not a dealbreaker (the 2 products above seem to have high prices because of this, but I will mainly be connecting my iPod) - Something that looks nice Now the speakers I mentioned earlier seem to do all that, but is there anything out there with better sound? I don't want to pay a premium price for Bluetooth if that's not the main way I'll be using it. Any suggestions, or which of the two above would you go for and why? Thanks