What Do You Guys Think of Press Reset So Far?

Press Reset might be brought to you by Internet Explorer, but creating new forum threads in IE certainly isn't very useful. :(


Press Reset, Polygon's documentary series, has had six episodes so far, with a seventh incoming on Wednesday. The series got off to a rocky start, with a teaser that seemed so pretentious that GAF's thread on the subject was titled something like "New Games Journalists Pissing on Themselves," though the thread is now subtitled "financed by Microsoft for $750,000." Some people have used Microsoft's money as some 'proof' that they've bought Polygon, and now everything they do is going to be very positive towards Microsoft (though, personally, I have my doubts)... anyways, some people really don't like it. Others, of course, really do.

I'm one of them.

I've been behind the curtain on a website before, though it was quite a bit smaller than The Verge, so seeing how things are done by people who are currently employed in games journalism has been pretty interesting. Plus, the documentary's fairly well-made, and I've had fun watching it. It looks like a fun place to work! Definitely a lot better than the site I worked for, and kinda makes me wish the site I used to work for wasn't defunct. Ah well.

There's a part of me that hopes there's an episode on the community, though I know it won't be happening. Why? It'd say that they want to be involved in their community. I know that I, and so many others, liked Kotaku because of the way in which we functioned as a community. Hell, it's why we've worked so hard to make one here. What other websites do you see with communities that create their own podcasts?

You guys kick ass, by the way.

Anyways, yeah. Press Reset's been fun to watch, and I've learned some interesting stuff. Kinda makes me wish I could work at Polygon, but I don't have a journalism degree, and apparently that's pretty important (Megan, Brian, and Griffon). Ah well; I'll bitch about the horrors of my life some other day.

Are you guys enjoying Press Reset as much as I?