Why I'm betting in AMD Hondo instead of Clover Trail and ARM

AMD at this point is a small company, and very small compared to Intel, however they have a lot of expertise and have played a very important role in the evolution of processors and graphics technology.

Tomorrow, AMD is going to be revealing their Windows 8 strategy most likely with a hybrid form factor as its Intel counterpart and I really thing they can probably have a better value offering than Intel's Clover Trail and ARM.

So far they are the only manufacturer that has had balls to offer at least some performance comparison like we see in this interview to Anandtech:

AMD Hondo APU Performance vs. NVIDIA Tegra 3 in GLBenchmark 2.5 (via anandshimpi)

And as you can see it has more than twice the performance of Tegra 3 in the GL benckmark (albeit in different OS), to this point we still don't know how Clover Trail or the S4 perform. That is not surprise as AMD has always offered more graphics performance for the buck than Intel's IGPs, and I don't really see that situation to change at least in the near future.

If AMD can offer a sub 600 dollar offering like the Acer W500 with the Hondo architecture, I will undoubtedly go with them, graphics performance is so much more relevant in the tablets than compute power, you can see that in the iPad 2/3, they suck at compute but are so much more powerful at graphics, at the end, users like more a fluid interface and better gaming performance than fast web pages rendering for instance.

Windows 8 on a tablet - Acer Iconia W500 (via Dawson Pearse)