Why Apple products "seem" to no longer excite

Since Tim Cook took position as CEO of Apple, he's been claiming that the company is doubling down in secrecy, and after all that's what made their products so exciting, because people didn't have a clue what they were doing.

Why we are no longer excited with Apple products?

  • Most or all Apple hardware is manufactured in China, so they cannot have control over the secrecy in the production of their hardware. Look at the iPhone 5, iPad 3 and the iPad mini. I'm pretty sure avid tech site readers already know what to expect from Apple, thus there is no longer that suspense from anticipating the latest Apple product. Even days before the announcement we already have rumors of the supposed EarPods and the "Lightning" name for the cables.
  • Maybe for TheVerge readers at least, we've already came across a post by "modilwar" about the possibility of implementing a 4-inch device, so we tech geeks who are overzealous about reading about the latest tech rumours will spoil the product launch for ourselves. For other tech site readers, rumors about the elongated screen was enough to make them unimpressed. Basically, everyone's trying too hard to attract attention to their speculations about Apple's latest products, so in the end we are at a disadvantage because there is nothing left to be known about these products.

Truth is, Apple still manages to excite, in some way:

  • The iPod Touch design was largely unexpected, and from what I know people are generally more excited about it than with the iPhone. This, though, is perhaps due to the major hardware changes involved, and the "fun" Loop feature.
  • Mountain Lion was also a pleasantly surprising enhancement to Lion, also largely unheard of. If you remember the story, Apple sent a couple of their execs to personally demonstrate the software to top tech blogs.

Basically, why some of Apple's products seem boring is not merely due to the arguably boring iterative design like in the iPhone 5, but also in a large part due to people being too eager to sell their rumors about Apple products. But Apple will still excite, as the only way to do that is through software, which they can keep a secret in.

I think there are more reasons to this; feel free to add in the comments.