The Verge Score is not enough

When people buy a new gadget in most cases one of the most important factors they consider is price.Price tags can make or break products. One example in the last view years being the HP Touchpad, largely ignored by the market at first but immensely popular once dropped in price.

Theres no doubt that the money we have to spend on something makes us evaluate it a lot different. And I think this difference should be reflected in the way products are reviewed. Of course it makes sense to judge a gadget solely on its features, technological advancements , design etc. Answers to questions like "what is the best overall device on the market?", "Which one is the most powerful?" and so on. The point is other questions can not be answered: "Where can I get best value for my money?", "Which of all those devices suits me?". Thats why I think The Verge desperately needs a value for money score and maybe a recommendation like "For Powerusers" or "For media junkies". Currently a lot of great products get rated somewhere between 6 and 7 only because they dont offer the latest specs, not minding they only cost half as much as other devices.

Verdict: The reviews the verge offers are top notch, the scores are not

jonasthebee score: 7.2

I know you can do better