Nokia versus Potential customers

Nokia: "hi, i am nokia, i am broke i used to rule the world. i still got talent and here's my latest phone: the most advanced phone in the planet. good things come to those who wait so resist iphone 5 until november, when my 920 becomes available; i need to sell as many of those as possible to survive; tell your friends about our 920".

Lumia enthusiast: "i got my money saved to buy your phone; i got all my friends and family excited about it so they're prepared to buy it too"

Come november.......

lumia enthusiast: "here's my money, give me the phone"

nokia: "oh wait: you actually cannot buy it because i cannot sell it to you, because u r NOT on At&t".

lumia enthusiast: "but i am american and americans tend to stick to their carriers. i cannot switch my verizon family plan; now i understand why MS blessed the 8x as THE windows phone, as it's the one that people can actually buy on virtually any network".

nokia: "oh well i am sorry. i guess u wont get your phone and we wont survive as a company next year, but if you like our design, u can go ahead and get the 8x".

Lumia enthusiast: "yup, i guess that's what i am gunna have to do, good luck in china mobile nokia, cus lord knows how well At&t's promotion of your 900 model worked last year".

Nokia: "t's all good: we have been a dead man walking ever since we got microsoft's trojan horse Elop".

Lumia enthusiast: "y r u doing this? i hate u"

Nokia: "ask Elop; i hate me too"