Polynauts The Movie: Episode 5 - A Good Day To [Blank] Hard (10/8 - 10/15)

Well the long awaited Episode 5 is now here. Sorry for the delay guys. Things happened in life and all that you know how that goes. Either way last week was pretty eventful. We got some new trailers, new episodes and a ton of things to get down too so lets get down to it shall we....

Shows of the Week

Boardwalk Empire (Sun 9pm HBO)

I am not sure if you are keeping up to date with this show or not but if you are not watching you should be. As things are getting more and more sticky for Nucky and camp. Not to mention last night episode once again showed me why I love Al Capone so much. Unlike the past two seasons, season 3 has already picked up fairly nicely and is moving at a nice pace. However I am less interested in the story line for Mrs. Thompson more and more. But there is now a war coming so things might take a different route.

Last Resort (Thurs 8pm ABC)

I will keep promoting this until you watch. Every now and again there comes a show that does well. It opens on a decent promise an some how keeps up with that promise. Not only that but it adds on to that promise with new ideas and questions. Last Resort is that show. It's a show about power, rank, and control. Everyone wants power and everyone wants some control but at what cost? You should watch this.

Parks and Rec (Thurs at 9:30 pm NBC)

I'm not a huge Parks fan. I've watched a few episodes here and there. And while hilarious and funny, I have yet to sit and watch weekly. Something I plan on working on. However I am a huge fan of Lucy Lawless. So I'll be checking in on these new episodes to see the love arc fun for Ron.

Revolution (Mon 10pm NBC

Ok I got to say, I was ok with the pilot. I enjoyed it and thought hey this could be interesting. Then the second episode I was like WTF. Put on my well face and said this show will soon tank. Then I saw that Jacob/Lucifer ( Mark Pellegrino) would be in the third episode. Needless to say, I think the show has found some traction here. By going into the some of the backstory of the shows biggest asset Miles (Billy Burke). It is a interesting thing to know that the people we are following and seeing now were not the same when the power went out. So the ride to see that transformation will be a good one to view.

Supernatural (Wed 9pm The CW)

The boys are back. But they are not the same. Once again the Winchester brothers are at odds with each other and they are both on different levels. After last seasons crazy finale that left Dean in freakin Purgatory and Sam all alone. We pick up one year later. Dean escapes, Sam had fallen in love, and now they must pick up the peices all over again. This season should be and good one, as compared to last year.

Also The Walking Dead returns on Sunday. JOY.

Weekend Box Office

  • Taken 2
  • Hotel Transylvania
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Looper
  • Frankenweenie

This week in Movies.

Seven Psyhcopaths


and Argo which I'm partly excited for. Ben Affleck has wowed me in his directorial efforts. This looks to be just as good.

Coming Soon

Like always here are some new trailers for you to droll over.

Die Hard 5

The Lone Ranger

Finally I bring to you Skyfall. But not just a trailer I also bring the Adele Skyfall theme song as well.

Check Out

This week I bring to you a short film The Maker. It's a sweet little five min short about love the the time spent with those loves. Time is short and ever moment counts in this piece just like in the real world. This is the best 5 min you will spend today. Here is a Link to the site

And that will wrap up this week. See you all next week.