Any good but widely unknown iOS games? Developers united under a Good Game Pack and looking for entries.


Aside from other things, I create iOS games and were pretty bummed when my game (HungrySquid) got high ratings but low downloads. And yes, the game was 99 cents most of the time. Couldn't afford the promotion and neglected the big publishers at first (and now they don't re-publish games) I was left with no choice but to forget about the whole project.

But I didn't :P

I decided that if apple doesn't have the manpower to find those little gems in the store (between loads of crappy titles) than maybe something else can be done about it. That's why I decided to create a game pack of those underapreciated games in which each game would promote the pack and thus each other.

The project just started as a web app at , but we're planning a full scale iOS native app too when we have enough games (10-15, not more).

There's absolutely no money involved here - we just want our games to be seen. When the whole list is complete we will reach out to big sites and to apple too. Because we can either let our "children" die a lonely death, or do something about it.

My game for example got 50,000 downloads, but 49,000 of those were during that one week we made it free. So it's not like people don't like it. They just don't know how to find it. And we want to change that.

So do you know any good games that have less than 20,000 game center players and are both beautiful and original? I sent out a couple of invites and so far developers are hopping onboard but we don't want to miss out on something great.