Five minutes of free fall; what would you listen to?

So I got to thinking about this Felix Baumgartner stratosphere jump. Mind you, what I've been thinking is utterly asinine. Nevertheless, Felix will essentially be ascending to 120,000 Ft. where he'll jump and descend for approximately five minutes. Now I'm sure that through this entire thing he'll be in constant communication with the folks on the ground, or as long as the equipment works, apparently they're using some custom ass stuff; Cameras & Communications.

However, it got me thinking, if I were in Felix's position I think I'd want to listen to something on the way down, a very particular track if possible. Considering, I'm on this one man journey (I know a lot of people helped, and I'm sure he'll thank all of the little people when he's back), every nano-second could potentially lead to the last, an uncountable number of things could go wrong. I know I'd like to be listening to something enjoyable, a song or two that meant something, as opposed to the goings on of ground control (not to say that it's not vitally important).

I myself would have to go with Pink Floyd's "In the Flesh", not for any lyrical significance, but there's a certain steady, climbing, pace to the tones of the song. It feels as if every four bars go by you're shifted on to another level, like a multi-staged rocket. By end of it, I imagine my hair whipping in the wind as my face is peeled back, cheeks and jowls flapping like a bloodhound with its head out the window of a car getting onto a freeway on-ramp.

So suspend your reality; you've got five minutes, your hurdling towards the ground at break neck speed, you might live, you might die, what would you listen to?