Surface RT and Surface Pro price predictions

I have my own predictions of the Surface RT and Pro pricing, but I'm constantly questioning their correctness based on new rumors and details that are released. What do you think about the Surface situation? Taking price rumors, facts, and Ballmer's own words into consideration, I believe that the Surface RT will be about $350 (depending on storage size), with a price of $199 (like rumors stated) for one bundled with a 1 year Office 365 and/or Xbox music/video subscription. If Xbox music is priced like Zune Pass, it will be about $100 for 12 months, and when added to the unannounced price of an Office subscription, the bundle will surely cost over $350 after one year. The only thing I'm unsure of, though, is when these prices will be revealed. Will there be a preorder, or will the share all the details just days before the 26th, when they're set to hit shelves? Surface Pro, on the other hand, is a different story. I expect it to sell for $750 or $800, depending on storage amount. A bundle with services (as Ballmer said, Microsoft is a "devices and services company") would be very enticing, as it could lower the cost to under $600 (theoretically). Also, Xbox music could make this "Pro" model seem consumer-oriented as well as for business professionals. Adding an Office 365 subscription would just add to its credibility as a business machine that plays nice with the cloud. This pricing, however, I don't expect we'll see until after the Surface RT launch. It'll be priced very competitively, and Microsoft doesn't want to compete with any others at launch--people may want to hold back on purchasing a Surface RT or any other machine (Windows 8 or RT of any manufacturer) at launch if they know the Surface Pro is coming in 3 months with a good price and quality. So, what do you think? What will be the prices for the Surface RT and Pro, and when will these details be released?