Suggestions? Post-cable streaming & media

Cross-posting this w/ Home Theater for reasons that should be evident:

I was shopping at Target the other day and when poking around the electronics section for an HDMI cable (don't worry, I bought it on Amazon for 5% of the price) me and my roommate ended up spending a good 20 mins looking at the Sony NS7-G7, the new Rokus and a some other boxes.

I like the idea of something with Google TV, mainly because of access to the Play Store and Chrome since I use both & Google Music on my Android phone & tablet.

The thing is that I've totally ditched cable and have absolutely no desire to go back, which makes most of Google TV pointless, from what I can tell.

Basically I just want Netflix, and am considering checking out Hulu+, but I'd also love to have YouTube and Vimeo.

Any suggestions? Do I really need a box, or should I just keep outputting this stuff from my tab/laptop? And I'm also wondering if I should look into a digital antenna just to grab the local network stuff?