Future of Google TV?

Has anyone heard any rumors of what lies ahead for Google TV?

Today it was announced that GTV is getting Play Store for Movies and TV. Yeah, I know, kind of amazing that it wasn't available before. But this is what the Nexus Q had going for it that GTV didn't.

I want to see a reference device for Google TV that takes the best of GTV and Nexus Q, plus adds the ability to connect to local storage (a la Boxee) and perhaps have a solution for DVR when not paired with a Cable/Satellite service. All of this controlled through a bundled remote or using a tablet or Android phone app.

My wish list:

  • Google Play Content (TV, movies, music, apps)
  • Third party apps (Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, voodoo, etc.)
  • Connect to Cable/Satellite
  • Play live HD TV (over the air)
  • Ability to play from local storage
  • Ability to Record Live TV to local/remote storage/DVR (when using cable/satellite)
  • Combined TV Guide/media browser experience for all sources
  • Hardware remote that doesn't suck
  • App remote (nexus 7, phone, etc.)

I would jump at the ability to do this while I wait for Google Fiber to come to Chicago...

What have you heard? What would you like to see on a Google reference device?