PETA Parody of Pokemon



This is completely outrageous. I cannot fathom the attention whores that PETA is. Good cause, but they just approach these subjects with absurd amounts of absurdity. The fact is that PETA has become experts at using or manipulating technology for their cause; if anything it discounts any shred of credibility that they had. Saying this, I linked a joystiq article so we don't give PETA bait hits. But if you are curious check out the link below. To think that the line between reality and a bunch of pocket monsters is blurred so much, make me laugh. The 'game' is absolutely appalling (on a side note, they have some pretty damn good animators). And in deep or in not so deep reflection, what has the Pokemon series (anime + games) said about Pokemon and relationship to man? Think about it. What do you think of this parody in light of Black and White 2 release? And what do you think of PETA who are successful getting hits leveraging technology platforms?