A WTF moment on my part... Sorry guys. (bhutnerwillis, Vergecraft)

Hey All,

bhunterwillis here -

This is an apology. I'm sorry about what happened on VCRealms last night - I was sort of suspended in a euphoric state in which I thought no one could hurt me... (... Infer what that means... ) And in doing so I hurt others, and myself.

This isn't primarily a ban appeal - I get it if you don't want me back on.

This is to try to make things right between some/one of the OP(s) and I. I'm sorry - I don't remember which one you were, but I cursed you out when you were just trying to call me out on what I was doing and calm me down. I'm really really sorry about calling you what I did - it was uncalled for, and no, I don't think you actually do that. Lol.

Anywho - If you ever decide to let me back on - I'll see you soon. If not - I totally understand it.

Best Regards,

Hunter (I don't go by my first name, Benjamin)