BIG Windows RT Question



I'm wondering if Microsoft is going to charge people for future iterations of WINRT.

Like for example if you'd buy an iPad now, you'd get the next few iOS updates free, as expected these days with iOS and Android(nexus) devices. Now Win RT being MSFT's first real mobile system that it's pushing massively, do you think that they'll adapt a similar model?


I honestly have no idea, it would be very typical of Microsoft to charge people as thats how they make their money, of the software. But if the Surface becomes a successful product they can see much more cash flow come in from hardware and should think about dropping some of their partners. Because face it, if and its a big IF, Surface becomes crazy (really crazy) popular MSFT could see a lot more money come in from the hardware/software package instead of just the software.

I'm digressing but yeah I do for now think MS would charge people for it.