Watch This: Home Shopping Network Enthusiastically Promotes Windows 8

I guess HSN was so geeked about MS' new OS that they just couldn't wait until October 26 to sell Windows 8 PCs. joking, but I find this vid pretty interesting. HSN gives Windows 8 a really big push here. The enthusiasm is typical of how they promote anything, but what's neat is how they manage to portray Windows 8 in a friendly way. There's a lot of angst about consumers being confused over Windows 8's dual nature, but HSN does a pretty good job at avoiding those fears.

"For the very first time... anywhere in the Universe... you are the first ones to have a chance to have Windows 8."

a few things:

  1. The "home" button--HSN repeatedly emphasizes that you can return to the Start screen from anywhere just by hitting the Windows key. There are various ways to navigate Windows 8, but this is the iPad-like, foolproof method.
  2. It's clear that trackpads, mice (and touchscreens, of course) that support Windows 8 gestures will be huge for maximizing usability and exciting consumers. Windows 8 will be judged based on new hardware, not upgrades, but new PCs built with Windows 8 in mind.
  3. People are going to love the Start screen if it's promoted properly. Yes, there will be plenty of gaudy and tacky Start screens out there. You can't teach style, but it doesn't matter. The Start screen will be a huge success as long as it's perceived as something personal.