In every tablet review I've written in the last couple of months, I've said the same thing over and over: "it's good, but the Nexus 7 is only $199 and Android 4.1 is a huge leap improvement over Ice Cream Sandwich, so you really should just buy a Nexus 7."

So when Asus announced that the Transformer Pad Infinity would be updated to Android 4.1 this fall, I decided to wait and review the tablet once it had been upgraded. Because the Transformer Pad Infinity, plus Android 4.1, might just be the most compelling Android tablet yet. In addition to specs that match or best the Nexus 7, from the Tegra 3 processor to Google's latest operating system, your extra cash outlay (the Infinity costs $499) also gets you a 10.1-inch, 1920 x 1200 display that's much higher-res than most of its competition, plus compatibility with the Transformer's classic keyboard dock.

The Transformer Pad Infinity always promised to be a great way to watch movies, but does Jelly Bean turn it into a truly killer tablet, worth the price premium over the Nexus 7 and ready to compete with the iPad? Let's find out.