What do you think of cursive/joined-up/running writing?

This article (linked from another Verge article) made me think about handwriting.

I think it's a shame that fewer people are learning cursive, but don't believe it will disappear. It's going to have dedicated followers like how people continue to enjoy analog photography and classical music. On the other hand, I write far less now than I used to. I'm actually worried that my handwriting will start to degenerate because nearly everything is typed. I wonder if there will be people who can't write in the future, because they only learned typing.

So, do you print or use cursive/joined-up/running writing?

Personally, I print (when not typing) but a few cursive letters have sneaked in. For example, if a letter that ends with a downward stroke is next to an e, they're often joined.

My utilitarian, not-so-beautiful printing:


And my rusty cursive - I haven't really forgotten any letters, but it was a close thing :)