Which phone(s) changed your expectations on what you can get/do on your next phone?

If we look back, it's wasn't that too long ago that we have the early iterations of Android phones and iPhones, and even Windows Mobile, S60 phones, and the plethora of feature phones. As time goes, which phone(s) do/did you get that completely changed your expectations of whatever phone you would get next?

Mine (all pics are shamelessly pulled from the internetz):
1. K550icx4_medium

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The SE K550 is a basic 2G phone, and a low-end Cybershot phone. What it has was an auto-focus camera. Even when I was using a Nokia E51, I still carry this phone for its camera. This sets my expectation going forward to have an auto-focus camera, something that is not necessarily standard at that time.

2. Nokiae51blackxb2_medium

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The Nokia E51, my first 3G capable smartphone. Trying to use WAP on the K550's 2G was painful. The E51 sets my expectation for a 3G phone, and a smart OS. I've been syncing contacts even on my K550, but the smarter S60 on the E51 made things more flexible. Aside from contacts, I started syncing calendars. The notification system is also a leap over the dumbphone K550. Heck, I can even use Google maps on this thing. Too bad the camera sux (which is why I kept my K550).

3. Iphone3gs14_medium

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The iPhone 3GS sets the bar even higher for what I expect my phone can do. I started using iOS on the iPod Touch. Having tasted 3G and auto-focus camera, I was turned off by the first iPhone (2G only) and the iPhone 3G (non-auto-focus camera). I started to realize how the bar set by my expectations is getting up there, that even the revolutionary iPhone 1 couldn't meet. The 3GS was the one to get. From now on, my expectations for a phone are multi-touch UI, great music (iPod) capability, and apps. I'm now using the iPhone 4, and the only thing it added to my expectation was HD video recording.

4. 4250476438_c3e9ddf361_medium

Nexus One (via CDernbach)

Ah, the Nexus One, my first Android phone. This is more of a parallel with the 3GS as the N1 doesn't have HD video recording (officially). It met all my other expectations, and it sets the bar for what I expect for an Android phone, for it to be unlocked, non-carrier controlled, stock/close to stock OS, and updates (got my N1 through Eclair, Froyo, and Gingerbread). After this, I actually tried other Android phones, including the G2X and Infuse. I returned both. The G2X is laden with T-Mobile's buggy crapware on Froyo, and the Infuse at that time was also still on Froyo (with its features like tethering disabled) while my N1 is rocking GB. I also started to question why things like tethering, that is standard on my N1, is not available on other Android phones. As you can see, this doesn't bode well to my expectation of any new Android phone. The Nexus One set the bar pretty up there from the get go.

5. 6263407717_f004bb0e5b_medium

GALAXY Nexus (via Samsung_ua)

More Android phones came and gone, but lastly, the phone that has ruined any other phones out there for my expectations, the Galaxy Nexus. I imported the Galaxy Nexus, paid full price for it, and it's the best Android phone till today. It met all of my expectations, other than the iPod experience. First, it has penta-band HSDPA. This sets the bar to unreachable level for nearly any phones out there. Second, Google dropped the price to $350. I'm not mad that I paid full price for it, but it set my expectation even higher in relation to price. Anything priced higher than $350, I expect it to be a ton better than the Galaxy Nexus, and no phones out there imo do.

Thanks to the Galaxy Nexus, I may not even be interested in any other phone, until a phone can match its flexibility (penta-band HSDPA, unlocked) for the price ($350). This is also why now I'm sticking with the iPhone 4. As good as the iPhone 5 sounds, I'm turned off by the price Apple is charging for it (unsubsidized). Same thing with any newer Android phone out there. Why would I pay more than $350 unsubsidized for a phone that doesn't even have the latest OS, let alone come with the flexibility of penta-band HSDPA and being unlocked.

So yes, the Galaxy Nexus ruined it for me. Everytime there's a new phone announced, I'm hardly interested. The bar has been set. Which phone(s) that changed/raised your expectations?