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Today is Tuesday, October 9th and you've found yourself at Polynauts Central at Polygon, on the Verge. We're reporting live from the streets of Dunwall.

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1: "'Dishonored' review: crime and punishment" by Arthur Gies

"Dishonored is more different than you’d expect.

It’s a single-player game in the era of multiplayer-driven "platforms." It’s set in a Victorian era-infused "oil-punk" fiction with a stylized, painted, exaggerated look. The focus isn’t on guns, but movement and strategy. It’s exactly the kind of game that a certain core audience has been asking for, one that eschews focus-grouped market trends, that has a clear creative vision that doesn’t feel like it had a million fingers on it. It’s a risk, as these things go."


2: "'XCOM: Enemy Unknown' review: blinded by science" by Russ Pitts

"I'm 30 hours into the single-player campaign of XCOM: Enemy Unknown when it strikes me that I've been doing it all wrong from the start.

That I decide to keep on going says something about the way I've chosen to play. I have disabled "Ironman Mode" — which would prevent me from saving the game at all — but I have accepted certain outcomes as inevitable. I have a few "chosen" characters I will not allow to die, but the rest ... well, saving Humanity from the alien scourge is a dirty business. The Earth appreciates their sacrifice."


3: "'A New Zero': the physics-based first-person shooter with no animations" by Tracey Lien

"Cryptic Sea has released a gameplay video for its upcoming physics-based first-person shooter that uses no animations.

The video shows a player moving around the game world of A New Zero, shooting at enemies and taking fire, with all movement performed through the physics engine rather than animations. While it is still in a rough state, the developer says it is getting close to being playable, and because it's entirely physics-based and does not rely on any animations, the entire game is less than 1MB."


4: "Spec out your Mechromancer now with 'Borderlands 2's' updated online skill tree" by Michael McWhertor

"The fifth playable class for Borderlands 2, the Mechromancer, will be available next week as a downloadable add-on. Starting today, you can plan your own personalized build of Gaige the Mechromancer, thanks to the online version of her character skill tree.

Gaige the Mechromancer has three upgrade paths: Little Big Trouble, which largely focuses on status effects like burn, corrode, electrocute, and slag; Ordered Chaos, which builds on the Mechromancer's Anarchy skill; and Best Friends Forever, the skill tree branch designed for less skilled players of Borderlands 2."


5: "Registration for PAX East 2013 available now" by Griffin McElroy

"The registration page for PAX East 2013 is now live, giving prospective attendees the chance to buy one or three-day passes for the Boston-based event, which will take place March 22nd through 24th next year.

The passes for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are all on sale for $35, while the three-day pass, which grants unlimited access for the entire weekend of the show, is available at the discounted rate of $70. The all-weekend pass tends to sell out rather quickly, so if you're planning a pilgrimage to New England, you should think about registering soon."


1: "One of my new favorite games isn't really a game" by BreadKnight

"I find it very hard to describe Dear Esther. In fact after two playthroughs I'm still scratching my head as to who any of the characters even were. I don't know who the narrator was, I don't know what the deal with the ghosts I caught glimpses of were. I thought I had pieced together who Esther is but I still have no real idea if I'm right, even with the hints the game kept dropping(I don't even know who I was playing as,though I have suspicions). All I really know for sure is the haunting environment, the deep mystery and my uneasy feelings as I progressed further into the strange island."

2: "What Do You Own?" by DocSeuss

"Then I thought about software, and how consumers are supposedly only buying licenses to the software (this, as far as I am aware, isn't law, it's just EULA, and EULAs are apparently not actually legally enforceable). Of course, thinking about software only reminded me about how the EU says that we own our licenses and can totally sell them, though publishers tend to want these things to be non-transferable, and say so in their EULAs."

3: "Non-shooter Games Suggestions for PC?" by bunny24

"First and foremost, I'm not a fan of FPS and games like that. I've got no interest in Halo, Battlefield, God of war etc. And so searching games for me can be difficult, especially games for PC. I certainly enjoy platformers but these are usually not available on PC and are mostly on consoles (especially the Wii).

Oh, and Rayman Origins is a game I've enjoyed A LOT , so yeah games like that!

So, I'd thought ask for your suggestions. And yes, this IS my 1st post so you'd better help me ! :D"

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