Steve Jobs success is owed to certain guys.........

I think Steve Jobs was a genius with new ideas that could sell and some how he knew people wanted it, BUT I always thought of peoples' cool ideas, I mean every one has cool ideas and something that no one would think about in their mind...... But the main problem is that normal people like you and I don't have engineers or people that can make those dreams come true.

Jony Ive, Phil Schiller is the two guys Steve Jobs should of thanked for his "success" to them.

First of All Jony Ive probaly came up with the hardware designs when jobs just wanted a all glass smart phone and a ultra thin laptop. I'm pretty sure Jobs came to Ive for many things,, Like Jobs probably told Ive that he wants Apple to design a tablet and Ive said yeah but it's a 9.7in glass multi-touch.

And Jobs should owe his success to Schiller because even Android fan boys or any anti-apple fan will know that Apple can sell water to a fish. It's because of Phil Schiller he is a marketing genius.

But got to give Jobs credit for picking the perfect people to do the perfect jobs.