The Zune HD2 or Maybe a Surface Phone isn't such a Bad Idea

Okay I'm probably dredging up old ghosts, but I ran across some images that have kind of cemented in my mind that Microsoft should produce a phone or at least a Zune device running Windows Phone 8. As much as I like Nokia and HTC (and quietly lust after the 920 and 8x), I can't help but wonder what a branded device would look like.

Now I don't anymore.

Formant Studios out of San Fran posted images dated 2011 of concepts for what would have been the second generation Zune HD. The design was done for Astro Studios (who helped design the first Zune HD). So sit back and enjoy.

(Oh images are from Behance)





From the concept, it appeared the HD2 was to have more than one screen



Please note the Camera