Is this really the LG Nexus?

Here's the full set of pictures from the Russian site leak:





In my opinion, this looks nothing like a Nexus product. The "with Google" branding on the back of the device is the first thing that caught my eye. Previous Nexus phones had just "Google" branding on the back, while the "with Google" label has been on many different phones, such as the Optimus One and the Galaxy S. Looking again at the back of the phone, you can see FCC and other codes that haven't been on the backs of other Nexus phones.

But what about the lack of branding on the front?

Ah, well, this seems to be a prototype, and many prototype models tend to not have much branding. All in all, this phone just looks like a variant of the LG Optimus G that could be headed somewhere other than AT&T. But what do I know?

Update: Based on the details from MoDaCo, this might actually be the LG Nexus. What do you guys think?