Aren't you forgetting something Microsoft?

As The Verge reports, Microsoft plans to make Windows Phones available for pre-order on October 21st. Me being a long time Windows Phone enthusiast doesn't change the fact that a lot of things regarding Windows Phone 8 isn't kown, at least not to the end-user.

In order for the pre-order to be successfull, Microsoft needs to officially unveil to the press what Windows Phone 8 brings in terms of functionality to the end user. It doesn't help that 920 or 8X is ready for shipment, if the consumer and the press is unaware what WP8 represents.

If the rumor is true, Microsoft needs to hold a press conference unveiling WIndows Phone 8 in it's glory at least the week before, meaning 14/15th this month.

What do you guys think? Would you blindly buy a Windows Phone 8 device without knowing exactly what it represents for you as an end user?