[Jabman's] iPhone 5 Review - 3 weeks in-

Beautiful Hardware Boring Software.Iphone-5_large_verge_medium_landscape_medium

Like everyone, when the iPhone 5 was first announced I was somewhat underwhelmed, which has become the norm for me at least in recent apple iPhone events. Maybe it's because most rumors raise expectations so much that I feel this way. I got the iPhone 5 the very first day it was released. And also like everyone as soon as I held it in my hand I loved it. 3 weeks into using it I still from time to time hold it and admire its design. Especially when you see a previous iPhone next to it. Another thing that has grabbed my attention is the new camera. Apple sort of undersold it in my opinion. Making it seem as if it was roughly the same camera that was in the iPhone 4s with minor upgrades. But in my experience the new shooter is a much better camera than the previous one. You notice the difference when you introduce it to nature on a beautiful sunny day. The detail once you zoom in makes it apparent just how much better the new camera in the iPhone 5 really is. Even more so than how much it has improved in low light photo-capture. All of that combined with the iPhone 5's stunning new display photos taken with the camera were really pleasing to my eyes.



On the new iPhone is another thing to behold. Unfortunately the software wont allow you to see just how much faster the new A6 processor can be. Opening folders is just as fast doing it on the iPhone 4S because of the rolling down animation however you start to see the speed of the new A6 chip when you do things like launching apps or taking HDR photos.



I am more than underwhelmed. I am disappointed. It's the same software we've had for the past year. I wont even get into the maps issue. Siri really needs to step up her game! The iOS 6 improvements made to siri were really disappointing. Asking what was the score between my 2 favourite teams is nifty and my friends and I have used this a few times but I want faster response times, more accurate voice to text and better voice recognition. Not "Siri, how tall is Kobe Bryant…. waits 5 seconds….
I keep hearing that with LTE Siri is now Much faster but I still wait up to 10 seconds for an answer more often than not.Furthermore, I'll never ever use the swipe down menu to tweet or update my status on facebook. Speaking of facebook integration I now have 500 birthdays on my calender. Thanks for that btw.


Battery Life

When I first got the iPhone 5 I let it drain and then charged it untill it was full and then some! I kept doing that for a week (the letting it drain to 1 or 0%) and then charging it. However it does not last me a whole day. I use my iPhone a lot and I get 6 hours out of it at most. I read somewhere that the new battery is only 10 mAh more than the 4S. I think its the LTE that drains it however even with LTE off I get around 8 hours even when I use it moderately.


One word; Lighting! It's actually great. It looks better and is more useful but not ecosystem-wise. The other day I ran out of battery and could not charge it on my car charger because I had forgot I had the old connector there. Not a big deal and 9/10 for Ecosystem is still impressive to say the least. Everything else, as per usual is dandy in apple's friendly Eco :) All in all the new iPhone 5 is a great phone with great hardware by the hardware nerds at apple HQ that is being held back by the software nerds who work for apple. In a perfect world, had the iPhone 5's software improved as much as it's hardware this new device could have been the first 10/10 in my books.


Ratings and Final Words