lumia or nexus?

First post here,

Im an android user, however I've always wanted WP. The design and feel is simply amazing.

Now that its time to buy a new phone I cannot decide. The Lumia 920 is the best phone I have ever seen, however, due to the limited functions in WP I cannot see myself buying one just yet. Everyday I lose a little bit of hope thinking that Microsoft is going to fix all those little details in WP8 (together make a huge problem) that prevent me from jumping ship. Nexus on the other hand will have every function I can think of and then some. However it will be nowhere near as good looking or innovative as the L920. Im tired of force closes on android yet I cant ignore all the functions WP is missing. It all depends on the announcement on Oct.29 and the unveiling of the next Nexus.

Any opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.