Opinions on Folio-style cases?

Hi, all. I'm planning on picking up the Galaxy Note 2 when it launches on Verizon this fall and am in the market for a case. I've watned a Tech21's impact case for a long time, but the only one they plan to offer for the Note 2 has a folio cover: http://www.tech21.uk.com/index.php/Category/samsung_galaxy_note_2

I've never been 100% sold on the idea of a cover like this for my phone. It seems like it would make it more awkward to use (not a problem the Note needs), and given the strength of screens these days it seems redundant.

So, any users with experience with these cases want to sound off? Do you get used to the cover eventually? Do you think the added protection is worth the hassle? Any opinions or advice are much appreciated.