Windows 8 planning: Home vs Work.

Hello Tribe,

Hate to come off as a bare bones casual user, but can't seem to find these answers. I recently looked at a Windows 8 walk through on the web. I don't have a machine to test 8 on, so I have to go by what I am finding from you all. The user was logging in for the first time and put in his windows ID, then the rest of the setup followed. When 8 comes out, I am going to upgrade my home laptop, BUT, I have been "volunteered" to be our company's "test subject" for 8. So my question is....

  1. Will I put in my windows ID at home and at work? Do I need a separate ID for work?
  2. If I use the same ID for home and work and I have 15 games on the start screen at home, does it translate to the same at work? (that would be bad)
  3. Is there a difference based on machine? Meaning that if I buy app (a) on machine 1 I have to buy it again on another machine?
Thanks for any assistance...