Google, you had one great thing with Chrome OS. And you destroyed it.

Let's make things clear

I LOVE Chrome OS

I've been living with a Chromebook for over a year.

One of the things Google (hardly, they should promote it MOAR) uses in promotions is the lack of update screens.

But I just updated to the new beta version (Chrome 23).

Normally the update downloads in the background and when you restart the new version is there

But now I got a (little) notification, and when I pressed on it my whole screen was white filled with a message going something like this "Your system is updating, don't shut down"

Google needs to promote things that they're going to keep!

First they promoted the browser-only, everything runs in the browser concept.

Then Aura came and there was a (really useless) homescreen and windows

They promote that they have no update windows and BAM! there's a update window

Why Google? Why?