After Windows 8, where does the iPad fit in?

Just wondering, if Windows 8 takes of and hybrids become mainstream as they are been sold, where does the iPad fit in for the millions of people who are going to be replacing their laptop with Windows 8 tablets just due to regular end of life device replacement?

Does anyone see the need for an iPad or other tablet devices after having a Windows 8 hybrid? Android tablets in the other hand are marketed as pure media comsumption devices, with very low price points, been sold at lost most of the time (at least the most popular ones), the iPad is kind of in between been a media consumption device and a content creation device as well, with much more emphasis in been the first.

Apple needs to step up the next iPad to be more of a general purpose computing device, but Microsoft has a head start and a pletora of form factors and price points to compete, probably the iPad will have the same fate as Macbooks, been niche devices that offer premium experiences but at much higher price points.