When it comes to Android phones, why must there be a compromise?

I remember being somewhat jealous watching Apple tout the camera and battery life of the iphone 4 two years ago. I remember asking myself, "Why cant I find those qualities in an Android phone?". As a father of two kids, I need a good camera with me at all times, and I need a battery that can get me though an entire day. Since I was unable to find those features in an Android phone, I settled for the HTC Thunderbolt. Feel free to finish laughing before moving on. Done now? Okay....fast forward 2 years. Why am I still having to compromise when it comes to devices? Even, worse, the new phones coming down the pike don's seem to alleviate the problem.

The biggest change for my needs in the past two years is the need for local storage. I am no longer on an unlimited plan with Verizon, and with the size of apps these days (The Dark Knight game is nearly 1.5gb!) even 16gb isnt going to cut it. I need 32gb. I would prefer to have a solid build quality, and stock Android also, but we all know getting all of this is asking for waaaaay too much.

Lets take a look at the latest and greatest from Verizon, and its Android OEM's.

1. Galaxy Note 2: Its huge. Like, comically large. It does have a decent enough camera, expandable storage and a xl battery. It also runs Touchwiz. This isn't so bad as there are ways to get around this. I don't want to even talk about build quality.

1b. Galaxy s3: Much smaller than Note 2, battery and camera are decent, but terrible build quality, and is already somewhat outdated.

2. Motorola Razr Maxx 4G HD LTE MAXX: Moto cameras are pathetic. I have read they used the same camera from the last Maxx. Not an option.

3. HTC Droid Incredible X, or whatever its going to be called: Don't have confirmed specs yet, but I don't like what I am hearing. 16gb storage with no external sd slot. This is a deal breaker. 2500mah battery. Sounds large, but with a 1080p screen? Not so sure. If these specs are true, this device will not work for me either.

4. LG Nexus: Probably not coming to Verizon anytime soon, and even if it did, I don't trust Google enough to ensure battery life and camera is anywhere near adequate. I currently have a gnex, and I have to charge 2x a day just to barely make it, and trust me, I barely use the thing.

So, where does this leave me? Dunno, but the real question is why hasn't a company stepped up to the plate and delivered in all areas? Why would a company choose to struggle (HTC), instead of making a product consumers would love? I know i'm not alone in this......Wouldn't you buy an Android phone that had it all, or darn near it? Nothing I have mentioned here is impossible. Quite the opposite. Most of it is fairly inexpensive so there is really no reason we should all be compromising at this point in the game.