What WP8/ Xbox Music Needs to be Successful on Mobile: 'Gapless Streaming'

I realize there's already a ton of people who want gapless playback in Windows Phone. When WP7 changes tracks for locally stored media, you don't get a seamless transition between the two. Instead, there's a very tiny pause for a split second while it changes tracks. Honestly, that doesn't even bother me that much. However, I was streaming (which I do very rarely; I generally use the download feature) from my WP7 phone today using Zune Pass. It's clear that Microsoft wants to push streaming in a big way, especially for devices that might be limited in storage.

In WP7, this is an exercise in frustration, though. I have a Lumia 900, and I'm connected via LTE, that gives me speeds of about 20mbps down and 5 mbps up. For some reason though, after every song, I'm sitting there waiting for a good 15-30 seconds before the next song will start to play. If Microsoft wants WP8 music streaming to be useful, they need some sort of gapless streaming.

I don't use Spotify anymore, but I know that Spotify would start to pre-load the beginning of the next track when you were nearing the end of the previous track, and if Microsoft doesn't do something along these lines, it's going to be just as annoying in WP8.