How would you change a current product into one you would say "This is my next..."?

Sorry for the huge wall of text. I tend to do that when I start.

The point of this is to discuss what you hope is coming out next year (if you are in the market). You might want an tablet or a laptop or a huge desktop. The idea of this is to tell us how you might tweak a current product (realistically) into a future one that you would buy.

My current laptop is a Lenovo Thinkpad X201. A friend of mine from college had the x201T (convertible tablet version). I played with it some (some... meaning regularly), but honestly, the gap between the display and the screen makes it very hard to use.

I really would like to have one of those Thinkpad convertibles with modern Intel processors (Haswell or Broadwell if I buy in 2014), Thunderbolt ports (future proofing), and a 2560x1600 gapless IPS (~12.1 inch) LCD matte display with multi-touch and ultra-bright back light. Lenovo really needs to step up their game in the display market. IBM was one of the first laptops to have a 2048x1536 screen on a 15 inch laptop... (and that was like 8 years ago). I would seriously pay $500 just for the screen upgrade.

I still want the ability to change hard-drives, batteries, and RAM (all for cheap, except the battery... never use cheap batteries!). Why should I pay $1000 extra dollars for 16GB of RAM when it's about $100 on Newegg and takes 5 minutes to change?!?

I am dedicated to the Thinkpad keyboard (it's so much better than the crap that comes in most laptops...) and build quality. I've had my Thinkpad for almost 3 years and it looks about the same as it did when I first got it. The Dell I replaced it with was on it's last legs (until the repairman fixed it) before I sold it.

Thinkpads have outstanding battery life. My X201 can be unplugged all day and me working on it. I really couldn't see a lot of laptops do that. Maybe it's gotten better since I last looked, but when Lenovo claims 8+ hours of battery life... they really mean 8 hours.

I also need the Intel version of Windows as I do a lot of work in "serious" applications (lol) that have not been replaced by RT ones, yet.

This would give me the ability to have a tablet when I need it (albeit a slightly bulky one) and a full laptop when I need it. And a notebook [like pen and paper] when I need it (I use Microsoft OneNote, which is one of the best programs ever written).

I've considered buying an Android tablet to supplement my needs for a tablet (though, I really like the active digitizer), but the software that is available for the tablet is crap. Nothing even close to OneNote (If you've never used it, then you probably don't understand how good it is). And worse yet, it has "Android" on it. Every time you go to a website that has videos, they either want you to buy and pay for their Android app to view the content, they tell you to download flash (which is dead on Android), or they just flatly reject you. I love Android, but that's a serious problem on it and iOS (and maybe Windows Phone... not sure).