The Dashboard of OS X has been one of the most neglected feature of all. When it first came out, I thought it was amazing. All these widgets that flew in on a transparent overlay of your screen. The widgets were cool and useful, and the community proudly accepted them. As time went on, it fell behind. Lion's new Spaces integrated Dashboard as one. A swipe a way, and you were there. Not nearly as cool, it was dealable. The main problem were the widgets and how to get them. The website for browsing them was a terrible one. Development for many popular widgets ceased, and most people now see it as a memory hogging part of OS X. There have been minor changes these past months (ML's new way of adding widgets), but it isn't exciting. I've struggled to find widgets that function well as well as look good. Most of them are pretty ugly.

But I want to see how you guys make do with what we have.

Here's mine.


via i45.tinypic.com