The App Wars: Microsoft Fans Opinions UPDATE

So I have been on WP7 now for about 8 months. The app situation is well...lets not get into that. Basically come November 1st I am making my decision on what my next phone is going to be. It will be between the Galaxy Note II, iPhone 5, and the Lumia 920. A huge part of my choice relies on ecosystem and app selection. I have an Xbox, a Windows desktop, and a MBPr. I want to choose an ecosystem. If I go Android or WP8, I am going to install W8 on my MBPr and stick with Microsoft's full ecosystem. What I am wondering though, is where is the App wars these days. Are there really any Apps missing from iOS or Android? Does Apple still get Apps first, or has Android got enough footing to have all Apps and get them at the same time. Thanks for you help guys.



UPDATE: Another thing that is bothering me with Windows Phone, is that many developers don't seem to understand how to properly create a metro App. Very few actually implement it nicely, and even fewer implement it intuitively.