What made Apple so successful?

Hello, everyone, as a member of my toastmasters in my university, I want to do a speech on the skyrocketing success that Apple has had over the years. With the introduction of the ipod, Apple has managed to seize markets by the storm. While I wouldn't buy an iMac as my personal computer, I think every other product is the best in its class.

The best mobile computing devices are definitely apple. I've loved every iPod touch I've had, the first generation ipad,and my current macbook air is downright gorgeous. The trackpad is one of the biggest selling points in my opinion.This is also coming from an Apple hater but I really hope Apple continues to innovate and make the best products for years to come.

With that said, I was thinking of three points to elaborate in my speech in term of Apple's success. Those three points are:

1. Apple's Products Are Simple

Quote me if I'm wrong but I think Apple really pushes simplicity when making their products. Everything from the simplicity of their names to the design really captures the attention of the consumer. Just look at the products, with just a few buttons, what strikes you is the clear screen. It's when you turn it on that the functionality of product comes to life. I've seen individuals with not experience in using technology just pick up an ipad or iphone and know what to do. They absolutely love the simplicity of using Apple's products. This really captures more of the market and not the tech-oriented individuals.

2.Apple's Marketing

What is the first thing you think of when you hear of the latest iPhone,ipad,etc? Is it not the latest in the coolest gagdget you can have? I remember those tv commercials depicting apple as the hip,cool product instead of the clunky,boring pc. I thought these comparisons were genius. Apple was really differentiating itself and trying to capture a larger market, the average consumer instead of the business or techie oriented user.

3.Steve Jobs

You can't have a speech on Apple's success without the man who picked up Apple from its bootstraps, Steve Jobs himself. Who else managed to turn around Apple from bankruptcy and lead it to become the most valued corporation in the world? This man was clearly a genius, whether you like Apple or not and at the forefront of Apple success was Steve Job's charisma and leadership.

So what do you guys think? I will elaborate more on these points but any constructive criticism is welcome.