iOS switching question number #434084: Podcasts

So DoubleTwist and/or Google Music and/or Amazon MP3 seem to be perfectly suitable replacements for the majority of my iTunes integration needs. But there's one element I can't seem to get lined up to make my upcoming plan to grab a Nexus 4 a seamless transition: podcasts. I listen to tons of these things; they're literally a part of my everyday routine. At this point I get them all via the incredibly handy iTunes podcast subscription system.

I've got a rooted KF on 4.1.2, and I've been trying out every free podcast app I can find. TuneIn Radio seems to be the only one so far that (through what appears to be user-uploaded content) has the level of selection I'm used to, but streaming is just not a viable option for me quite yet, as for at least awhile, I'm going to be using an über-pathetic $10 a month plan with essentially no monthly data allowance. So I need to be able to download in advance via WiFi.

Anyone have something that either A. would allow me to sync podcasts directly from iTunes on my Mac, or B. Has both the selection, and the ability to download directly in Android?

Thanks folks.