The best Windows Phone 8 Review.


I am a regular visitor of theverge.Com and & I just came across this awesome review done by Adam Z Lein for Windows Phone 8. <BR><BR>

We all know how disappointing the Windows Phone 8 review by theverge was & I am not saying this because theverge gave WP8 a score of 7.8 and Pocketnow a score of 9, but just look at the amount of details & depth he has provided in the review.<BR><BR>

If someone likes keeping a score, I can easily count that there are at least 1500 new features available in the phone & that's just from an end users perspective. There are tons and tons of new features from a developer perspective to get excited about. I just cannot understand why is Microsoft not touting these numbers & features forward in their Ads campaign?<BR><BR>

Of course there seems to be minor misses from every new software feature provided & But I expect all those to be ironed out very very soon in software upgrades now that beta test is over and MS is all in on WP 8!<BR><BR>

After seeing all these features I am even more excited to try out my Lumia 920. The moment I get my Lumia 920 I am going to show all my Android and iPhone friends, how a phone should be & What are they going to miss!!<BR><BR>

The new start screen, Amazing Camera App with Lenses, Music App, Videos App, All new awesome Bing search app, Speech UI with Bluetooth on, Some great excellent third party Apps, Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, Lock screen enhancements like photo streaming from Facebook, Backup enhancements, new office every thing excites me about WP8.<BR><BR>

I would have loved to see some more enhancements on the app list screen by making it have more capabilities of folders & a customizable background image for the app list screen but that's fine with me. Everything else seems to be right on the Money with WP8! <BR><BR>

I am not sure about others but I will be definitely heart broken, if this amazing piece of Software goes down the drain like that of WP 7 due to the only fact that<BR><BR>