Is this the white Nexus 4? Or Perhaps what it would look like.

Yes like everyone else in this forum i too have wet dreams of Megan Fox and the Nexus 4 in white. I also watch Movies of Megan Fox and Nexus 4 and since theres only one Nexus 4 video i have seen more times than perceived as within regular sanity...

If you pause at 04:18 of the exotic Nexus 4 video that should be banned for explicit content, it could be cause of lighting, reflection or just internal fantasy bending the laws of physics but you see what appears to be a Silver on the sides and White on the bottom.



I have not manipulated these images through intercourse or otherwise, pause at 04:18 and see if you can handle it for yourself.

Now chances are high its just the regular current default one that appears as such but how HOT does it look with a silver rim and a white backing. If this thing was metal from the sides, glass back and front and white from the lower outter sides around the back glass i would want to have sexual relations with it and wouldn't mind if Matias Duarte watched.

I'm sure the two Verge guys (and the camera guy) could let us know if indeed such a version of the already luscious Nexus 4 exists as they were there;



Its possible early adaptor will get burned, chances are high these days with google devices being updated a few weeks after launch, perhaps they know the early ones are the most seduced and should be taught variable lessons in life as to not get the wrong circuitry pregnant.

Heres the NSFW video

Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Android 4.2: an exclusive first look from inside Google HQ (via TheVerge)